Pyro Cord

ACTOK PYROCORD is an innovative self-contained stand –alone fire extinguishing device designed with application of ACTOK technology, having the features of self-activating fire extinguisher, with thermally activated gas discharging fire retardant agent to provide fire protection for electrical equipment confined in local spaces.

This innovative product combines the now widely accepted and well-proven method of fire retardant agent microencapsulation with breakthrough method of gas discharging.

PYROCORD is a new generation of fire suppressing products. The PYROCORD innovative product is a cord of composite material being a mixture of microcapsules with a heating compound. PYROCORD is placed within the protected local space so that it is located over each potential source of inflammation.

Under the effect of fire in any point on PYROCORD an initiation of heating compound occurs with subsequent chemical reaction throughout its length. The reaction is accompanied by heat discharge which results in the bursting of all microcapsules and the discharge of vapors of fire retardant agent, while the concentration of fire retardant agent (FRA) is reached in the local space that is necessary for the termination of inflammation.

To ensure mechanical strength of the product and to retain solid products of reaction the cord has fireproof gas-permeable shield. The shield also bears the functional feature its pitch regulates the propagation velocity of gas discharge front along the product.

Key Advantages:

Has the feature of fire detection, fire extinguishing and fire announcement. Extinguishes inflammation sources at early stages of fire, prevents distribution of fire beyond limits of a protected space.

Excludes repeated ignition in the protected space for up to 30 minutes, thanks to the effect of phlegmatization.

Discharges the fire retardant agent directly into the inflammation area, without increasing the concentration of hazardous substances in the air outside of the protected space. Simple and reliable in operation, easily integrates with standard systems of fire alarm and automatic fire suppression.

Compact and energy independent, does not require maintenance service. Does not create high temperatures and aggressive environments in the protected space. Has a wide temperature range of operation. Does not cause damage to equipment and personnel.
TEMPERATURE RANGE: –50°C ± 80°С FIRE CLASSES A, B, C, E (up to 1000 V)

Primary Protection Facilities:

Oil and gas production facilities, Motor transport, Electric transport, Railway transport, Sea and river transport, Aviation equipment, Armored vehicles, Housing stock, public buildings and structures, Social security facilities, Warehousing and industrial premises, Cable chutes, power plants, server rooms, Radio and TV equipment, computers, Control towers, Garage premises.

​Intended of Use

low-voltage equipment, voltage from 50V to 1000V, volume from 15 to 60 dm3 ):

1. Electrical installations of buildings and structures:

  • assemblies, cabinets, boards, boxes;
  • lead-in, power supply, lighting, apartment-type, etc..

2. Electrical devices and household appliances and similar:

  • audio- and video devices, radio and TV-sets;
  • personal electronic computers(PCs), server equipment;
  • low-voltage equipment connected to personal computers;
  • powering units, charging devices, voltage stabilizers;
  • devices to maintain and adjustment of microclimate in premises;
  • lighting equipment and sources of light;
  • devices to cook and store food and mechanization of kitchen jobs;
  • devices to process (washing, ironing, drying, cleaning) of linen, clothes and footwear;
  • devices for cleaning and tidying premises;
  • entertainment equipment.

3. Electrical industrial equipment:

  • devices to distribute electrical power;
  • electrical devices to control electric technical units,
  • all (cabinet, panel, box-type) protected low-voltage complete devices (LVCD;
  • panels, control boards;
  • tele mechanics devices;
  • boards, control panels on rolling stock;
  • automated working places of railway transport divisions;
  • automated systems of operative control of technological processes;
  • electrical part of machines and equipment;
  • process equipment, machines, mechanization of minor operations.

4. Local protected places of storage, volume from 60 to 2000 litres:

  • cabinets for storage, safes, etc.

​Characteristics Of PyroCord

  • Liquidation of fire class: A,B,C
  • Activation Temperature: 150° C
  • Operating Temperatures: -40° to +80° C
  • Shelf Life: 60 months from the date of issue
  • Protection Class: IP20 and above

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