Pyro Sticker

ACTOK PYROSTICKER is a miniature self-contained, automatic local fire suppression installation, designed with application of AСTOK technology. Intended for protection against inflammation of electric sockets, junction boxes, power distribution boards (electric cabinets) and other electrical equipment having confined space of 0.02 to 60 dm3 (cubic decimeters). PYROSTICKER is a flexible plate of composite fire suppressing material carried by self-adhesive substrate. Method of mounting gluing horizontally over a potential source of ignition.

PYROSTICKER is designed for use in residential premises, for it can doze extinguishing agent releasing it in strictly limited amount, if necessary (when the operation temperature is reached). Thus, maximal safety for humans is ensured.
ACTOK PYROSTICKER product line includes models P, 15, 25, 45, 60.

​Actok PyroStickers Capability range

​PyroSticker ACT P

ACTOK PYROSTICKER (P) is efficient for liquidation of fires of class A, B, C, and is intended for the protection of electric sockets. It is placed directly in a protected socket (socket box), in a place where short circuit, overheating or spark formation is possible. Does not require servicing. To be used to protect against inflammation of any small-sized electric devices, such as electric sockets, switches, junction boxes, closed elements of lighting fixtures, relay cases, electric motor connection boxes etc. .
Operating temperature 120C, Ambient temperature from –50 to +80C. Warranty period 5 years..

​PyroStickers ACT 15, ACT 25, ACT 45, ACT 60

ACTOK PYROSTICKERS (15, 25, 45, 60) are efficient for liquidation of fires of class A, B, C in power distribution boards, switch- boards, and other small-sized objects with a volume of 0.02 to 60 dm3 (cubic decimeters) and with no less then IР20 degree of protec- tion (protection against solid bodies sized up to 12.5 mm, wind and draughts). The digits part of PYROSTICKER index corresponds to protected volume in liters (dm3). Operating temperature 120C, Ambient temperature from –50 to +80C. Warranty period 5 years.

​Intended of Use

low-voltage equipment, voltage from 50V to 1000V, volume from 15 to 60 dm3 ):

1. Electrical installations of buildings and structures:

  • assemblies, cabinets, boards, boxes;
  • lead-in, power supply, lighting, apartment-type, etc..

2. Electrical devices and household appliances and similar:

  • audio- and video devices, radio and TV-sets;
  • personal electronic computer systems (PCs);
  • low-voltage equipment connected to personal computers
  • powering units, charging devices, voltage stabilizers;
  • devices to maintain and adjustment of microclimate in premises;
  • lighting equipment and sources of light;
  • devices to cook and store food and mechanization of kitchen jobs;
  • devices to process (washing, ironing, drying, cleaning) of linen, clothes and footwear;
  • devices for cleaning and tidying premises;
  • entertainment equipment.

3. Electrical industrial equipment:

  • devices to distribute electrical power;
  • electrical devices to control electric technical units,
  • all (cabinet, panel, box-type) protected low-voltage complete devices (LVCD;
  • panels, control boards;
  • tele mechanics devices;
  • boards, control panels on rolling stock;
  • automated working places of railway transport divisions;
  • automated systems of operative control of technological processes;
  • electrical part of machines and equipment;
  • process equipment, machines, mechanization of minor operations.

4. Local protected places of storage, volume from 60 to 2000 litres:

  • cabinets for storage, safes, etc.

​Characteristics Of PyroSticker

  • Liquidation of fire class: A,B,C
  • Activation Temperature: 120° C
  • Operating Temperatures: -50° to +80° C
  • Shelf Life: 60 months from the date of issue
  • Protection Class: IP20 and above

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